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|15/08/19 10:23 AM

SPOTIFY removed the WIDGET most loved by its ANDROID users and criticism exploded

A streaming music app applied a sudden change that did not leave its users happy that they updated the application

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Spotify users who have Android system would not be entirely happy with the change that the streaming music application implemented.

In their last update, those who use the named operating system noticed that the useful widget that could be placed on the home screen ceased to exist and that allowed to operate with the music or playlist, without having to enter the application .

From Spotify, they expressed very strictly the cause of this new change: "we are turning our energy into new ways of creating the best experience for our users."

As a comfort to the users of the music application, they indicated that they will be able to access the playback functions from the lock screen and the notification panel.

It should be remembered that the change that did not please the general public, came with the arrival of version of the famous app.

The new change of the Spotify widget on android and users

The opinions of those users who updated the application is not positive and that can be read in many comments. Definitely removing the playlist control widget would be bringing the company a bigger headache than expected.

But in spite of everything, they could regret the change and back down, so they launched a survey so that people who are not happy with the update, give their opinion. If you want to do it, we leave you this link that takes you to the right place.

For now, the solution that we can offer you from El Ciudadano in this note, is that you enter the Google Play Store and look for some of the best rated apps, which allow you to help control your music from the comfort of the widget you were used to.

Will Spotify reverse with the new change? We will know...